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Q.rad technology
A new generation HPC platform
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Qoala rendering
A Blender based 3D rendering farm
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XtremWeb HEP
Processing for High Energy Physics
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What is Qarnot computing?

Qarnot computing offers a complete high performance computing service enabling its customers to :

  • externalise their computation tasks,
  • on up to several thousands of CPUs,
  • at much lower price than any provider,
  • invoiced by the minute of computing time,
  • on a totally secure platform

Our computing power is based on 2 major innovations :

  • The Q.rad computing heater
  • The Q.ware distribution software



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Cost saving / performance / flexibility

By using the Q.rad technology and avoiding the heavy costs supported by the data centers, Qarnot's processing power capacity is 4 times cheaper than the best available solutions on the market.

Extremely flexible, the Qarnot platform can call upon one to several thousands processors for computation durations as small as one minute.

To guarantee permanent availability to its customers, 50% of Qarnot's processing power is made available for free to scientific and academic research for non-urgent computation tasks. This constitutes a reserve that can be instantly mobilized for the needs of our clients.


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Environmental & social responsibility

Q.rads dissipate into heat all the energy used up by the high performance processors. Therefore, any type of surface (homes, commercial and governmental buildings) can benefit from free and environmentally friendly heating, according to its occupant's needs.

By spreading power and heat to the right places, Q.rad technology provide the first truly green computing solution.

Qarnot computing also participates in HPC democratization, especially for the SMBs, and already offers a lot of free CPU time to public and academic research.


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